Sirimedia is full of qualifications including innovation, creativity, and sense of digital transformaiton to be the Adobe’s partner offering Adobe Marketing Cloud integration and implementation services in Thailand. Adobe Marketing Cloud is an integrated digital marketing platform that provides the most comprehensive set of digital marketing solutions for all of the marketing needs.


Adobe provides a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities for creating, delivering, measuring and personalizing the customer experience. Adobe's solutions enable organizations to take control of the customer experience by listening to digital signals, predicting the best experience for the customer, dynamically assembling the experience and intelligently delivering it to any device, all in real time.


We are entering the era of digital activism. Most of the time during the day, devices are what we interact with. Any transactions through those devices create complex data that may affect business direction. As a result of those created data, traditional marketing alone dose not satisfy an organization driving business. Going digital based on the analyzed data will allow you and yur organization to achieve the competitive advantages in the digital world.

We, Sirimedia, together with Adobe are willing to help you transforming offline business online through the roadmap that acknowledges and supports you and your organisation to be able to survive in the business ocean.


Our creatives are professional in designing and creating user experience on digital platforms using analyzed data. The data allows us to understand focused segmented targets and to be able to design the best suitable user experience, which leads to branding images. Moreover, the design will be done using the system, which is able to collect customers’ insight data, for marketers to be able to analyze it and plan strategies accordingly. The experience design includes corporate identity, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) as well as the design of touchpoints, such as mobile application, website, etc. Sirimedia can also do A/B test letting end users to be the persons who decide which of the designs is the most popular so that we can adjust the processes accordingly.


Sirimedia’s developers have been trained by Adobe Singapore team and are authorized as a Platinum support. They are willing to support you and your organization in terms of implementation, online/offline data, 3rd-party data integration, and any technical concerns once the software has been installed. Sirimedia has staffs who are happy to help you 24/7 in case of any emergency.


Sirimedia has a strong marketing team that is more than happy to help you and your organization planning digital strategies and collecting data as well as applying the analyzed data for marketing purposes. Our team will look into your tools and resources. Then, the team will adjust them to match with the analytical outcomes and the planned digital strategies. The team will also coach and support your organization to be able to run on Adobe Marketing Cloud smoothly and effectively.



Use data to get a real-time understanding of your business.

Media Optimizer

Advertising that works. Everytime.


Deliver experiences that are personal.

Experience Manager

Make delivering great digital experiences looks easy.

Audience Manager

Build audience profiles that you can use anywhere.


Personalize, organize and deliver your cross-channel campaigns.


Get results with your social marketing.


Deliver an engaging, personalized viewing experience on every device and desktop.